The stories below are from Photographers who are committed to reaching daring heights in their businesses and have been supported in the rise by Elizabeth Nwansi


Jordan Summer

Wedding photographer - TAMPA FLORIDA

"A year ago I didn't have a business and now I'm transitioning to leaving my day job"

"I wouldn't have a business if it wasn't for RTB! "

This program has helped me above and beyond my expectations when I first joined. Elizabeth really helped me get out of my shell and pushed me into trying new things. 

Wedding photographer - tampa, florida

Lori Ann Pate

"Omg omg OMGGG praise the lawd!! I used your Zoom call suggestions and they booked!"

Wedding photographer - Winchester, virginia

"I finally booked my first wedding after implementing consult calls! 

YAYYYYY! It was the wedding that’s going to be 3 days! They finally got everything in and booked me. I’m so EXCITED and wanted to thank you for all the help from the course and the monthly zoom calls with all you girls! It has been so helpful! THANK YOU SO MUCH, LIZ!❤️"

Wedding photographer and teacher

Cassie Schneider

Carly Rose


"I have become so successful, my husband had to start helping"

Roadmap to Booked was the best thing I could have done for my business! I went from knowing absolutely nothing to feeling confident and successful in a short period of time. Since completing the course, I have closed almost every lead that has come in. I just booked a wedding at my highest package and raised my prices. As a new mom, it was scary starting my own business and I didn’t know if I could do it… but I have become so successful that my husband had to start helping manage the backend! It’s been an amazing experience and I am so grateful for Elizabeth and this community!

Danica Paulos


"I just got booked for an elopement at the wedding venue of my dreams!"

Someone pinch me please!! I must be dreaming 😂 I just got booked for an elopement at the wedding venue of my dreams! 😭 3hr elopement at the Ringling Museum in Sarasota 😍😭 I am super excited! Immediately after reading the inquiry, I picked up my phone and called the bride! I told her I was available and excited to serve her! She was so easy to chat with and without any hesitation proceeded with booking me. By far, this has been the easiest and quickest booking for me. Thank you Liz for your all support, as well as everyone in RTB group!"

Lucy Moreno

Wedding photographer - Southwest florida

"I got 2 new inquiries from running ads and one is an absoulte dream wedding in Texas" 

Wedding photographer 

Taylor Morton

"One proposal sent for my highest package yet + inquiry this week!"

Danielle Cargill

Wedding photographer

"I’ve really focused on batch working for the past week or so, and I have noticed such a HUGE difference in my productivity and mindset! Truly being productive has helped me so much with not just getting things crossed off my to-do list, but it’s given me a lot more confidence in my bandwidth and abilities. I feel like I can finally start working on some of my goals I’ve been putting off for a long time, and that’s exciting! While this isn’t a tangible win, it’s still felt like a personal win this week ."

Rachel Taylor

Wedding photographer
Nashville, tennessee

Katie DiFrancesco

Oklahoma city

"First paid photo session in the bag on Monday with a local musician from Oklahoma City who regularly visits the store where I work! Was super nervous, but once I had a flow of poses in my head, it went smooth!"

"I currently have 3 people inquiring right now, all thanks to the Instagram strategies shared by Elizabeth Nwansi! My confidence and motivation to keep going are getting stronger. This week, I just started posting more of myself and my personality on my Instagram stories to connect with my followers and potential clients. Feeling really grateful for this fantastic course and this space to keep growing. ❤."

Danica Paulos

Wedding photographer
Nashville, tennessee


"I booked TWO weddings at my new base rate, now I get to up my prices again"

Taylor Chavez

Wedding photographer - California

"I’m so incredibly thankful for this course and the changes I’m making to grow my business!"

As I was getting ready last night for a wedding I’m shooting today, I couldn’t help but feel so blessed. This is a wedding I booked before signing up for RTB, and it’s definitely a budget wedding. But I was terrified to jump back in after taking time off to be home with my girls (my youngest just turned 1!). I’m so incredibly thankful for this course and the changes I’m making to grow my business! Here’s to this being the last budget wedding I ever shoot🙌 thank you Elizabeth for creating this course!!"

photographer - Nevada

Kristi Kay Van Riper

"After joining RTB I booked my first wedding!"

After joining RTB I booked my first wedding, but it also continuously lights my fire within me to keep moving forward. I have never found one resource that quite literally answered all of my questions like Roadmap to Booked.

Jordan Fern

Delaware wedding photographer

"You have so much helpful content in RTB it's crazy!"

I'll probably have to go through everything one more time fully just to soak everything in!

Photographer - hawai

Tehlor Takahata


"From $1,500 to $2,500, I'm consistently booking $5k to $6k!"

RTB has done so much for my business. My average wedding booking used to be $1500 to $2500 and now I'm consistently booking $5k to $6k!

Rachel Reynolds

Delaware wedding photographer

"I've raised my prices to $4,000 for a 6 hour wedding, where last year I was charging $3,500 for an 8 hour wedding!"

I've started applying everything I'm learning inside of Roadmap to Booked, and curating. I've raised my prices to $4,000 for a 6 hour wedding where last year I was charging $3,500 for an 8 hour wedding!

"I went from $800 to $3500 for a wedding!"

 "I feel like every time I do these styled shoots, I'm just just blown away at the power of marketing. I booked two courthouse weddings after that, like instantaneously! I just sent an invoice for a $3,500 wedding, compared to my first wedding that I ever booked which was $800. The whole thing about it, I was like, this is crazy!"

"I booked 3 weddings!"

Hopefully about to book another wedding for the year so exciting! I started reading the affirmations again and have 2 calls lined up (one for wedding and one for engagement photos.