The Step-by-Step system to booked out & $10k months

the step-by-step system to booked out & $10k months organically

(Without a big audience, dancing on reels or paid advertising)



"We have already booked 2 weddings at our highest price!"

We started the business 3 months ago and then we joined Roadmap to Booked. Once we took the course, it gave us our North Star to follow and we have already booked 2 weddings at our highest price! Before RTB, there was no direction & I never took myself seriously, we are just really grateful we found this course and that we found Elizabeth. This whole journey has been a huge win!

Let's be real it can be frustrating and overwhelming to watch other photographers seem to consistently book out easily...& at premium prices, while you're stuck just trying to figure out how to get leads, your bank account definitely isn't reflecting all of your hard work.

You want to get massive results too, but how do you actually profit (and profit well) from taking photos? How do you set up a system so that you can get booked out AND work less?

The fact is...

You have everything it takes to turn your photography business into a majorly profitable and sustainable model that allows you to work when you want, serve your clients in a meaningful way and have plenty of time left for your family.

ever wondered how other photographers seem to blow up their business?

You can do this, I'll show you how...

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It is 100% possible to build a profitable, premium photography business so that you can work 12 HOURS A WEEK OR LESS.

Here's the truth

Here's What You Need:

A Proven Roadmap

You're so over DIY and ready to learn from an expert. You want someone to just hand you the plan so you can get to work.

Access to a Mentor

You need to be able to ask questions in real time as your grow your profitable business, monthly live mentoring so you never get stuck.

Templates & Tools

You need more than trainings; you need tools and templates that you can plug & play into your own business. 

The simple A-Z system to getting booked out with luxury clients, so you can finally work less and make more. Don't worry - we will be sharing all of the details down below!



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The fundamental work to ensure that you have a sustainable, thriving photography business.

  • The Visionary Photographer - Create your vision for your life & business.
  • Money Made Sexy - Shift your mindset about money so it starts working for your not against you.
  • The Mechanics - All of the software I use for my own business.
  • Successful Entrepreneur 101 - Teaching you what separates successful people from those who aren't, so you thrive instead of self-sabotage.

Course breakdown:

Your Failproof Business

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We cover the nuts and bolts, the foundation of your photography business and it's success.

  • Purposeful Pricing Method - How to price your services based on what makes the most sense for YOU and your vision for your dream photography business.
  • Ideal Client - How to finally figure out EXACTLY who you are serving and why it gets your more jobs.
  • The Curated Brand - How to create a stunning brand that aligns with your ideal clients and gets you booked with ease, even at higher price points.
  • “Clients that Love You Back” - My process for a smooth client experience that overjoys my clients so much they end up sending me all of their friends as referrals for life.

Your Foundation

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Elevating Your Skills

In this Phase, I will share the important things you need to know about the Art of Photography.

  • Consistent Editing System - How to stay consistent with your editing right from the start of your business.
  • The "Moneymaker" Shot - How to get that EPIC shot that gets you client inquiries on repeat.
  • The Necessities - All of the equipment I use for my own business.
  • Styled Shoots That Book - How to put together a styled shoot strategically that attracts high tickets clients to you.
  • The Client Consultation - No more awkward sales calls. You'll learn how to sell with ease and get my exact sales script for my own calls.
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Phase Four

Marketing 101

Ditch overwhelm and get clarity on exactly how to market your business. Book quality clients without a huge following and learn which avenues to focus on so you stay booked out year after year.

  • Tiny Audience Big Profits - How to get started booking high ticket photography clients on IG even if you have a small audience.
  • “Be Where They Are” - Ideal Client Social Funnel - how to attract your perfect ideal clients that are willing to pay a premium for your photography services.
  • The Curated Feed - What to post to magnetize your ideal clients with your work and get them inquiring in your inbox.
  • Networking With Ease - Guest expert Corinna Rose Photography explains how she networked to get to 6 figures in three years flat.

"I've raised my prices to $4,000 for a 6 hour wedding, where last year I was charging $3,500 for an 8 hour wedding!"

I've started applying everything I'm learning inside of Roadmap to Booked, and curating. I've raised my prices to $4,000 for a 6 hour wedding where last year I was charging $3,500 for an 8 hour wedding!

"After joining RTB, I booked my first wedding!"

After joining RTB I booked my first wedding, but it also continuously lights my fire within me to keep moving forward. I have never found a resource that quite literally answered all of my questions like Roadmap to Booked.





How does this sound?

Hit your income goals with a reliable and sustainable system so you can finally hire a team & spend all the free time with your family.

Work with dream clients who need and love what you offer and impact their lives with your images that they will have forever.

Position yourself as an industry leader and turn your business into a profit-generating machine that allows you to work 12 hours a week.

HEll yeah!

You're probably thinking you need a massive social media following, hundreds of website visitors, or to become the "best photographer" ever before you can become wildly profitable.

The fact is, that simply isn't true.

Sure having a large social media following and being the best photographer in the world certainly help...

...but when it comes down to it, running a profitable photography business requires four simple things:

1. Clarify Your Vision - First, develop your exact plan for your business moving forward so you know exactly what to charge and where you're going.

2. Build a Solid Foundation - We will build out your workflows, craft a luxury client experience and lastly, position your brand so that it easily sells FOR you. There's a way to do it that creates complete desire to work with you even with a small audience.

3. Elevate Your Skills - Learn pivotal skills needed to wow clients and get booked out like editing consistently and how to do consultation calls the right way.

4. Lead Gen 101 - Finally, you've set up all of the essentials in your sustainable business model, now learn exactly how to bring traffic to it consistently. No need to be on IG 24/7 or dancing on Tik-Tok.

you need less than you think

"Someone pinch me please I must be dreaming, I just got booked at the wedding venue of my dreams! Thank you Liz for all your support and RTB!"

"Best decision I could have ever made! Within a week I gained the confidence to raise my pricing, within a few weeks I had booked out 3 months in advance!"

"Best decision I could have ever made! Within a week I gained the confidence to raise my prices, within a few weeks I booked out months in advance!"

If you're ready to start booking dream clients and reach $10k months....

I created Roadmap to Booked for you!

"Now I look at my work, I get so excited and a little bit emotional to see that growth in that short amount of time since I signed up for RTB".

Jordan has 10x her rtb investment

"I started my business 3 months ago & since I met Liz in less than 3 months, I already have my first booked wedding and clients booking for portrait sessions"

Cassie booked at her new higher price


“If you're On the fence... do it! 100% do it! it covers so many different topics.”

- Cassie

Bonus #1

The Email Template Pack

You're getting the EXACT email templates Elizabeth uses in EN weddings. 15 done for you, proven email templates that have been perfected over 7 years, to save time and book you new clients.

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Bonus #2

Monthly live sessions to improve your business

Things are going to get interesting and uncomfortable. Use these live sessions as an opportunity to ask questions specific to your situation or go deeper into advanced subjects.

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Bonus #3

Consultation Call Sales Script

My exact sales script is easily worth the entire course for it's ability to book you weddings with confidence and ease. Use this resource to have in front of you as you go through your consultation calls.

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Bonus #4

Private Support Community

There is nothing like the power of community. Receive access to our private community of like-minded photographers sharing their wins, their resources and their lessons.

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Test drive the program for 14 days.

When you enroll,  you'll have 30 days to go through the entire program & experience a live mentoring session with Elizabeth. If for whatever reason, literally ANY reason, you don't feel like the was the best investment you made in your photography business simply email us and we'll gladly refund your entire investment. No questions asked.

money back


Guarantee #1

30 day

365 days to get results

After you pass your first initial 30 days of being blown away with everything that's inside Roadmap to Booked, we're giving you another 11 months to put the trainings into action. If you do not see any positive results, simply show us that you've done the work & if it's not working we will refund your entire investment. 

You shouldn't have to pay for something that doesn't work.

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365 days

Guarantee #2

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Get the EXACT steps to implementing our strategies to work in your business. Each lesson is very actionable with steps to follow, so you can see results in your business much faster. You see results by DOING, not just learning

Each and every month, we have a live call you can attend to either learn advanced strategies, updates to what's working now, as well getting your questions answered. We plan on adding more calls each month as the group grows

Have a question? You get to ask for feedback, reviews, or support each month for our Q&A sessions. Additionally, we encourage you to ask for feedback in our student community.

Get the exact strategies to book clients for your photography business, whether you're brand new or going through the course for your 5th time, these deliver.

Throughout the program, you will be given our plug-and-play email templates, scripts for sales calls, as well as various tools I have used in my business. This will make your implementation 100x faster and easier.

Get access to other students on the same journey as you 24/7. We encourage participation and accountability, and we've seen many folks get clients AND find friends for life in our community.

We've built coaching and support into the curriculum, so you get results

step by step Training

feedback & support

TEmplates, scripts, prompts & tools

PRivate community



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Real people. Real results.


I am the CEO of EN Weddings and Founder of Elizabeth Nwansi Co. I am a business and marketing strategist for Photographers who are ready to take their business to the next level.

I help my students ditch the overwhelm, align their business with their priorities and start raising their prices to build a sustainable business model.

I believe that being honest is kind, and I'm 100% no fluff. My goal is to help women realize their business dreams and step into their powerful selves. I've taken everything I've learned about building my succesful photography business and created a repeatable system anyone can follow. It's important for women to know that I built a business that in just four years time was averaging $7k-$9k weddings because this is what I aim for every photographer who works with me to do as well.

Through my e-course, YouTube channel, private coaching and mentoring, I'm helping women everywhere level up, perfect their marketing and get booked out with clients they love.

But it definitely wasn't always this way...

I don't have a degree in Photography, no parents to help me make investments and I didn't know one single thing about taking pictures when I started.

I was super awkward and introverted, just showing up to a photoshoot would makes me tremble and my palms would sweat. I've cried going home from networking events and seriously botched up photoshoots. I was the exact opposite of someone who looked like they would be successful at this.

But everytime I was scared, I pushed through and did it anyway. Anytime there was an opportunity to invest, I stretched my budget and took the plunge. I worked early mornings before my kids woke up and late nights after tucking them in for the night.

Hard work and strategy pays off. Since then, we've won multiple photography awards and been featured in the likes of Style Me Pretty, Wedding Chicks and 100 Layer Cake. EN Weddings accepts only 10 luxury weddings a year.

Most importantly, now I teach women everywhere exactly how to do it too.

i can help because i've been there

but nowI know how to help!

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...then i'd say it's time you act now


One Time Payment

Payment Plan

If a Simplified, Strategic Marketing Plan That Points Towards Charging Luxury Pricing & Creates a Stream of Consistent Leads Sounds Like Heaven...

"Omg omg omg praise the lawwwwdddd! I used your Zoom call suggestions and they booked!"

What if I'm not ready to dive in yet, will this program be open later?

Yes. However, here's why I recommend you join TODAY anyway. Reason #1 - You get lifetime access to the curriculum AND a discount for joining today. So even if you're not ready to focus on the business until a few months later, you already know you have this program available for you when you're ready. Reason #2 - Most people who say this to me and end up joining, still end up starting with the curriculum and they are SO grateful they did now versus later. When you realize you don't need hours upon hours each day to implement these growth activities, you will be happy you can start now and start seeing results faster

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still get the instant access curriculum if I join with a payment plan?


I'm brand new in business and haven't made any money yet, is this right for me?

When does the program and live calls start? What do I get access to?

I've had my business for a few years, but I'm struggling with booking and charging what I want to. Is this right for me?

How quickly can I expect to see results with this program?

How long will I have access to the program?

Definitely, in fact I would say this is a must so that you can get your photography business started on the right foot and leave the guessing games and YouTube wormhole. You don't want to leave anything about your business to chance and you want to make money as soon as possible, this program is perfect for teaching you how to do that.

Right away! You get access to the entire 50+ lesson online curriculum, our private mastermind facebook group and 12 months of access to private, live coaching calls with Elizabeth Nwansi. Additionally, you get a full 12 months of access to the coaching call replays, if you can't make the call - leave a question in the FB group and Elizabeth will address it for you on the live call.

Absolutely, it doesn't matter if you've been in business for 10 years...if you feel stuck, overwhelmed with the amount of time you're working and are wanting to charge more, this program is perfect for you. 

This is going to depend on you, how quickly you implement, and where you're starting from. However all of the Modules build on each other, meaning as you go through each lesson you will start to see improvements in your business right away. As you continue to go through, your results will compound and if you do the work assigned, you should see significant results within a few months.

You will have access to the program for as long as it exists. There are no plans for it to expire - if it changes, we will give you 6 months notice beforehand.

DISCLAIMER: The testimonials are from past or existing clients. I cannot promise you any specific results, and your results will be influenced by many factors including, but not limited to, your background, experience, and work ethic.