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When I started out, I was a stay-at-home person with a passion for taking photographing of my daughters. My husband bought me a Canon T-3i and I used that to photograph my very first jobs (for free!)My very first wedding I charged $500 and it wasn't long until I was charging around $3,000. I realized quickly, that spending all of my days and weekends away from my family just to make a full-time income was a lightning speed way to burnout and I decided I would be relentless in the pursuit of learning how to become a luxury photographer. 

This is when I got stuck

I tried paid marketing, adhering to the Instagram algorithm, purchasing all of the best equipment, relying on referrals alone and then I figured I needed to be the very BEST artist there was. This led me to winning multiple awards for my work....but still sitting at budget prices.Eventually I threw out the rulebook and found my own system, that took me from $3,000 weddings to $9,000+ and only photographing 10 weddings a year.

This system has worked for 100+ photographers both beginners who have just picked up a camera and women who have been photographing for over 10 years.

This took me YEARS to learn and I want to make sure you don't spend nearly as much time as I had to in your own photography business.

Hey I'm Liz!

Jordan quit her full time job

Jordan F. doubled her income goal